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Deposit Insurance System (DIS)

Calculation For DIS

An example of how separate deposit insurance protection would be applied for a depositor holding several accounts in a member bank is provided here:

Depositor Type of deposit Amount (RM) Protected by PIDM (RM)
Ahmad Savings 300,000 250,000
Ahmad and wife Current 300,000 250,000
Ahmad, wife and daughter Savings 250,000 250,000
Ahmad, Leong & Co. (legal firm) Current 200,000 200,000
Ahmad & Ali Sdn. Bhd. Current 50,000 50,000
Total deposits 1,100,000  
Total deposits protected by PIDM 1,000,000

An example of how Islamic and conventional deposits held for a depositor in the same member bank are protected separately:

Depositor Type of deposit Amount (RM) Total (RM) Protected by PIDM (RM)
Zita Conventional savings
Conventional current
300,000 250,000
Islamic savings 275,000 275,000 250,000
Total deposits 575,000  
Total deposits protected by PIDM 500,000