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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Deposit Insurance System (FAQs)

Q1: What is deposit insurance?
Q2: Which banks are member institutions of PIDM?
Q3: Must I apply or register for deposit insurance protection?
Q4: What is the deposit insurance protection limit?
Q5: Can I buy additional protection for my deposits if the amount is more than RM250,000?
Q6: Which types of deposits are eligible for protection?
Q7: Which types of products are NOT protected?
Q8: Are unit trusts, stocks and shares eligible for deposit insurance protection?
Q09: How will I know if my deposits are eligible for deposit insurance protection?
Q10: Are Islamic and conventional deposits protected separately?
Q11: I have deposits in several member banks. Will all my deposits be added up for deposit insurance protection purposes?
Q12: I have deposits in different branches of the same member bank. Will all my deposits be protected separately?
Q13: Are there any deposit accounts that are protected separately?
Q14: As foreign currency deposits also enjoy deposit insurance coverage, are they separately protected from Ringgit deposits?
Q15: What happens to my deposits if two member banks merge?
Q16: In the unlikely event of a member bank failure, how do I make a deposit insurance claim?
Q17: What about the uninsured portion of the deposits?
Q18: I am a non-resident of Malaysia. Are my deposits protected?
Q19: Are deposits in branches and subsidiaries of domestic banks outside Malaysia protected?
Q20: Who do I contact for further information?