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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

PIDM Scholarship (FAQs)

Q1: Can a SPM school leaver apply for PIDM scholarship to continue their pre-university programme? (such as Foundation, Matriculation, Diploma or ‘A’ Levels)
Q2: If I am currently pursuing my Degree, do I still need to fill in my other results (such as Diploma, Matriculation, Foundation, ‘A’ Levels or equivalent)?
Q3: If I am pursuing my Degree now and do not have my results yet, what shall I do?
Q4: Can I apply for PIDM Scholarship if I have not received my offer letter from the University for my placement?
Q5: I am currently pursuing my Pre-U and will be completing soon. Thereafter I will be continuing my degree in the same year.  Can I apply for the Scholarship?
Q6: Currently I am taking PTPTN loan to fund my studies, am I still eligible to apply?
Q7: If my parent or guardian has no fixed employment and therefore do not have payslips, what do I do for the “payslip” column as this is a must fill text.