Annual Report 2021

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From Our Leadership

From Our Leadership

Rafiz Azuan Abdullah

Rafiz Azuan Abdullah

Chief Executive Officer

Value Creation Model


Material Matters

Preparedness – Operations

Preparedness – Resolution Planning

Awareness, Trust and Confidence, and Crisis Communication



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Performance at-a-Glance

Resolution Readiness

Trust and Confidence in PIDM

Organisation Capacity

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Financial Performance at-a-Glance

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Feature Article

"Just-in-Case" Protection Systems – Just in Time to Save Lives


At the 2020 Bahrain Formula 1 (F1) Grand Prix, Romain Grosjean survived a horrific crash which caused his race car to go up in flames. This seemingly miraculous escape would not have been possible before the turn of the millennium.

The tragic events of the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, where prominent F1 drivers Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger suffered fatal crashes, led to widespread changes and enhancements to the “just-in-case" safety measures to ensure that key risks relating to the cars, tracks and other elements are mitigated well in advance to support safe and optimal racing conditions. This includes the halo head protection gear that was credited to have saved Grosjean's life.

Similarly, PIDM's Deposit Insurance System (DIS) and Takaful and Insurance Benefits Protection System (TIPS) are “life-saving” protection systems that serve to protect individuals and households against “low-likelihood, high impact” events - just in case they happen. Read more

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