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15 Mar 2019
PIDM announces the appointment of new Board members
04 Oct 2018
PIDM awareness campaign goes granular
20 Aug 2018
PIDM scholarships supports 21 students to further their studies
17 Apr 2018
PIDM Releases Annual Report 2017
29 Jan 2018
PIDM releases Corporate Plan 2018 - 2020
25 Jan 2018
PIDM Kicks Off Stakeholder Engagement Initiative with ‘KL Sentral Community Outreach’
13 Dec 2017
PIDM revises premium framework for enhanced assessment of banks’ risk profiles
16 Oct 2017
PIDM Alerts Public on Protection Payment Scam
06 Sep 2017
PIDM scholarship programme benefits over 100 deserving Malaysians since 2010
10 Aug 2017
PIDM announces appointment of Datuk Seri Dr. Rahamat Bivi Yusoff as Chairman of the Board
03 Aug 2017
PIDM announces appointment of Rafiz Azuan Abdullah as Chief Executive Officer
24 May 2017
PIDM releases Annual Report 2016 - Continues to enhance organisational preparedness
08 Feb 2017
PIDM announces new appointments to its Board of Directors
25 Jan 2017
PIDM publishes Corporate Plan 2017 - 2019 - Focuses on the establishment of an effective resolution regime for a robust financial system
08 Dec 2016
PIDM extends international cooperation to enhance capability and operational readiness
02 Nov 2016
PIDM Clinches Marketing Excellence Awards
20 Sep 2016
PIDM scholarship programme – making a difference to deserving Malaysians
16 Aug 2016
PIDM announces new Board appointments
26 Apr 2016
PIDM releases Annual Report 2015
29 Feb 2016
PIDM releases Corporate Plan 2016 – 2018 - Towards Long-Term Sustainability
28 Dec 2015
PIDM signs agreement with Cagamas to further strengthen protection for financial consumers
16 Dec 2015
PIDM enhances intervention and resolution powers with new amendments to PIDM Act
13 Nov 2015
PIDM seeks public feedback for information on banking and insurance protection
21 Sep 2015
PIDM scholarship programme adds to financial industry talent pool
27 Aug 2015
PIDM collaborates with Lat on new public awareness campaign
08 Jul 2015
PIDM collaborates with Lions Club towards furthering financial awareness
28 May 2015
PIDM strengthens safety net for bank depositors, insurance & takaful policy owners
09 Mar 2015
PIDM revises premium framework for enhanced assessment of banks’ risk profiles
02 Mar 2015
PIDM certifies 26 bank and insurance trainers under its second Train-the-Trainer programme
10 Feb 2015
PIDM releases its Corporate Plan 2015 - 2017
27 Nov 2014
PIDM’s education programme reaches out to all national secondary schools
27 Aug 2014
PIDM scholarship for 10 Malaysian undergraduates as part of CSR initiatives
07 Jul 2014
PIDM announces Board reappointments and new management appointments
08 May 2014
PIDM releases 2013 Annual Report
06 Mar 2014
PIDM certifies 31 insurance and takaful trainers under the Train-the-Trainer programme
17 Feb 2014
PIDM awards prizes to talented winners of PIDM MoneySmart Campus Challenge 2013
17 Dec 2013
PIDM representatives appointed to key positions at international fora
11 Dec 2013
PIDM signs MoU with Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC) on bilateral collaboration
26 Nov 2013
Fifth consecutive win for PIDM Annual Report at NACRA 2013
20 Nov 2013
PIDM MoneySmart School Challenge 2013 Champion is SMK Tun Hussein Onn, Seberang Jaya, Penang
19 Oct 2013
PIDM launches MoneySmart 123 Advocacy Campaign in collaboration with FOMCA Financial Literacy Month
26 Sep 2013
PIDM awards 10 scholarships to Malaysian undergraduates - Students prove hard work and determination pave the way to success
11 Sep 2013
PIDM collaborates with Hua Zong to further reach out to Chinese Community
23 Jul 2013
PIDM releases 2012 Annual Report - Develops new initiatives as integrated financial consumer protection authority
16 May 2013
PIDM is founding member of the International Forum of Insurance Guarantee Schemes
21 Nov 2012
SMK St. Teresa, Kuching named champion in PIDM Education Programme Competition
19 Nov 2012
Fourth consecutive win for PIDM Annual Report at NACRA 2012
18 Oct 2012
Newly-appointed Secretary General of Treasury becomes a Board member of PIDM
16 Oct 2012
PIDM awards scholarships to 10 Malaysians
14 Jun 2012
PIDM Issues Warning About Scam
08 May 2012
PIDM rises to expanded role as integrated financial consumer protection authority
18 Apr 2012
PIDM promotes national financial literacy with education programme
19 Jan 2012
PIDM announces the appointment of two new members to its Board of Directors
10 Oct 2011
PIDM doubles number of scholarship awards
12 Sep 2011
Alex Foong joins PIDM Board
15 Aug 2011
PIDM Announces Retirement of Chairman of the Board of Directors
13 May 2011
PIDM completes 2010 deliverables within budget and new initiatives to enhance financial consumer protection
31 Mar 2011
PIDM successfully implements education programme
30 Dec 2010
New Deposit Insurance Limit At RM250,000
28 Sep 2010
PIDM launches education programme for students
07 Jul 2010
PIDM awards five scholarships to deserving Malaysians
24 Jun 2010
PIDM seeks public feedback on proposed Insurance Compensation Scheme
11 May 2010
Enhanced Financial Consumer Protection Package
06 May 2010
PIDM releases 2009 Annual Report
18 Mar 2010
PIDM appoints Chief Operating Officer
24 Jun 2009
Deposit insurer enhances public awareness in Sarawak
21 May 2009
PIDM releases its 2008 Annual Report
12 May 2009
PIDM launches latest public awareness campaign
12 Nov 2008
PIDM rewards winners of contest on deposit insurance
16 Oct 2008
Malaysia Takes Pre-emptive Measures
15 Sep 2008
PIDM issues Membership Regulations
06 Sep 2008
Year Old Deposit Insurer Scores Firsts, Goes International
14 Jul 2008
PIDM contest to reward deposit insurance awareness
05 Jun 2008
Deposit insurer reaches out to Sabah
12 May 2008
Deposit Insurer Enhances Readiness
08 May 2008
New premium system rewards good banks
30 Oct 2007
Deposit insurer launches financial awareness public exhibition
18 Oct 2007
Deposit insurer promotes financial awareness as part of consumer protection
23 Jul 2007
PIDM's proposals to help achieve "enforceability of close-out netting provisions" in Malaysia, public views sought
19 Jun 2007
PIDM seeks feedback to ensure provision of accurate and timely information to depositors
15 Jun 2007
Risk Assessment System for Effective Monitoring
03 May 2007
PIDM seeks feedback on Differential Premium Systems and Terms and Conditions of Membership
24 Apr 2017
National deposit insurer releases annual report, underscoring good governance practices
27 Feb 2007
New Regulations on trust account and joint account information disclosure comes into force
04 Dec 2006
Public Eye on Corporate Policies Creates Accountability
19 Jun 2006
PIDM seeks views on proposed disclosure requirements
21 Apr 2006
Trustees Reminded to Submit Info by Apr 30-Automatic coverage of up to RM60,000 for each beneficiary
18 Apr 2006
PIDM Implements Sound Corporate Governance Practices: Inaugural Annual Report Released
01 Sep 2005
Deposit Insurance System Introduced For Enhanced Consumer Protection
10 Mar 2005
Information on Deposit Insurance Readily Available: PIDM rolls out communication initiatives