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We want to help you know how you are managing your money - how much you are spending against how much money you have coming in. Knowing your financial position every month is the first step to building your savings, especially your emergency fund. The SPK calculator can help give you:

  • a summary of your monthly income and commitments, plus the monthly excess you have to build your savings plan
  • a calculation of the amount you should have in your emergency fund and how long it will take to build it
  • a personalised monthly savings pledge to keep you focussed on your target

PIDM does not access or store any personal data or information which have been provided by users via the SPK Calculator.

*The SPK Calculator and the tips/information provided are only intended as a guide to help users learn more about personal finance. PIDM will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly as a result of any action or omission made in reliance on the tools or information contained herein. Users are advised to consult certified financial planning practitioners to obtain professional financial advice.

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